Who do I follow?

In the age of Instagram and Facebook there are a plethora of fitness experts available for you to read, watch and listen to.  It can be hard to filter out the information that is relevant to you to what isn't.  So I thought that I would share a few of my favourite exercise professionals with you and why I trust and enjoy their content.  As always, these are just my thoughts though, you may disagree, or have other people that you follow.  If you do have someone who you think might be of interest please let me know through my website and I will check them out.  So without further ado, here are some of the guys I follow:

Michael Boyle - Mike Boyle is the founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and has a long history of training both athletes and the general public.  He has been the strength and conditioning coach for the Boston Red Sox as well as other professional and US National Teams.  His views on functional training are well respected and he has a great holistic approach to training looking at the person and their movement as one package rather than solely dealing with exercises individually.  He was one of the first trainers I started following and have enjoyed his content ever since.

Eric Cressey - President of Cressey Sports Performance and baseball performance coach to a LOT of professional baseball players, this guy knows his stuff!  If you ever want to learn about how to keep your shoulders healthy or training in any sport that throws overhand, Eric is your guy.  He has some great content available for free as do most of the people on this list and isn't afraid to share what he knows with the world.  Give him a follow if you're interested in anything baseball or throwing related.  You won't regret it.

Todd Durkin - Todd Durkin owns the gym Fitness Quest 10 which has been voted one of the top 10 gyms in America 5 times by Men's Health Magazine.  He coaches many professional athletes including New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  But the main reason I follow him is for his infectious energy.  It's hard not to watch one of his YouTube videos and not come away wanting to take on the world!  Check him out.

Ben Bruno - Ben Bruno is a trainer who is known for training celebritied including Chelsea Handler and athletes including Meyers Leonard.  He has a great common sense approach to training and seems to be constantly coming up with new and varied ways to train people.  One of my favourite things to do is watch his Ask Me A Question stories on Instagram, he not only provides great snippets of information but he is a pretty funny guy too which makes him very watchable.  

These are just four of the trainers I follow on social media, there are plenty more who could easily have made the list such as Molly Galbraith, Tony Gentilcore, Bret Contreras and more but in the interest of keeping the list manageable I thought I would go with four.

Check these people out, I trust their content and they have a great attitude towards training and growing the personal training and strength and conditioning industry in the right ways through research, common sense and keeping people string and healthy.


If you have someone who you think is worth following please let me know through my website, I would love to check them out as I am always looking for new inspiration.


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