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Leading by example...

Today is International Men's Day, and this year's theme is "Positive Male Role Models".

As such, I thought it was a good time to write about the biggest male role model I have in my dad.

Growing up, my dad was always there.  Always present in my life whenever I needed him.  Most noticeably on the sports field.  Between him and mum I don't think they missed a single football match, cricket game or athletics competition.

I think back now and wonder how they did it, with two kids, both of who competed in sports all year around and often on the same day in different parts of Wellington, if not the country.  But there dad was, week in and week out, supporting me, driving me all over the place and never making a big deal about it.  

Even when I made representative football teams and training was in Kapiti he would make the 45 minute drive, wait and watch training, then drive me 45 minutes back home again, often getting home pretty late at night after what I'm…