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Give Winter a Knockout Punch

Come along to a 360 Degree Fitness group fitness session in September and purchase a ten trip concession to receive a free 360 Degree Fitness T-Shirt (limit one T-Shirt per customer).

This deal applies to our regulars as well as any new clients who join up in September.

We would love to see you.  Click here for our group session timetable, and here for a list of prices.

3 Reasons To Train Over Winter

A lot of people join gyms, hire personal trainers, or start attending boot-camps in spring looking to get a little fitter, tone up or lose some weight before beach season rolls around over the Christmas holidays.  Here are a few reasons to get in early and start that training over winter instead.
More time to get there...Firstly, you have longer to reach your fitness goals.  This may sound extremely obvious now, but most people don't really think about getting fit for summer until it's almost too late to do it.  Why put time pressure on yourself to lose weight or get fit? It is already stressful enough sticking to a nutrition plan and putting in the training hours.  Make it a little easier and give yourself plenty of time to reach your fitness goals. Emptier gyms...This one I have learnt from both a gym-goer and a trainers perspective.  People tend to fall out of their routines over winter.  It is hard to motivate yourself to get up at 6am to hit the gym when it's a howling …