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5 Top Tips For Endurance Training... (Guest Blog Post)

This is a guest post from Tim Spackman a personal trainer based in Auckland who trains athletes for endurance events.  Check out his profile at the end of the post and give his social media accounts a like/follow.  Enjoy the post...

You’ve signed up with a friend for a half-marathon or been talked into being part of a team for an adventure race. If you’re going to put in your time, effort and money, it makes sense to train smart as well as train hard. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when training for any endurance event.
1. Have a training plan... The plan doesn’t have to be perfect, but some structure and progression around when you will train, for how long and how hard is necessary.A good plan fits in with your life, it doesn’t control your life. If family, or friends are important to you, make sure plan allows for this.A good athlete listens to their body. If you feel like you really need a rest, when the plan …

Welcome to 2016!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year!

This year will be a very exciting one for 360 Degree Fitness with us looking to help more clients reach their goals in new and exciting ways.

Firstly, we will be taking our Tuesday morning lounge workouts and transforming them by including video demonstrations of the exercises.  This will make them easier for you to do at home without wondering whether you are performing the exercise correctly.

Check out the video below for our test run that we put together last year.

A new workout will be uploaded to our YouTube channel each Tuesday morning.  These are great for supplementing your training sessions with us, and they can be done at home with minimal or no equipment.  Please remember to subscribe to our channel also to ensure you don't miss a video.  We will also be putting out other videos with a variety of subject matter, and maybe even some guest videos from other health providers, so keep an eye out!
Being the start of a new year it's …