The wonder of words...

Words are powerful.  

Much has been said about how we should talk to others.  Common thoughts around words abound, such as: treat each other with respect, speak to others how we would like to be spoken to, if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.

But one thing that doesn't get mentioned so often is how we talk to ourselves.

That is a pretty big oversight don't you think?  I mean the person who we spend the most time with and who we talk to more than anyone else is ourselves.

Why then are we so negative about ourselves?

Often people (myself included) spend a great proportion of their time reminding themselves of the ways in which they have not succeeded at something, or reminding themselves of all of the ways in which a particular idea would fail, or why they can't achieve a goal.

When we spend so much time and energy being negative about ourselves is it any surprise that we have had the increase in mental health issues that we have had?

We need to spend a little more time being kind to ourselves.  Now, this in itself is not going to solve our mental health crisis, but cutting ourselves some slack can't hurt it.  

Why not treat yourself with the same respect that you have been taught to treat other people.  Build yourself up rather than subconsciously tearing yourself down.  Give yourself permission for 10 minutes a day to think about everything you like about yourself, or things that you did well that day rather than looking in the mirror each day and picking out your flaws.  It's OK to do that you know!

Most of all, try being a good coach to yourself.  Think about how a good coach would help you through a difficult time or decision.  What would they say to you to support or encourage you?  Then go ahead and say it to yourself.  Repeatedly.  Often.  

In a world that seems set up to tear us down, shouldn't we at least have our own backs?

I would love to hear how you stay positive, let me know through my website.


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