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Kiwi Community Assistance Can Drive

We are organising a can drive for the last week of October 2015.  Any training session during this week will be able to be paid for using canned food.  One can per group fitness session and two cans for any personal training session.
If you would like to donate over and above this that is great, please feel free.
All food will be donated to Kiwi Community Assistance a local organisation who provide support to needy families.
If you have empty jam containers lying around the house please clean them out and bring them along too as they will be filled with home-made jam and donated also.
Please get in behind this great cause.  We believe that with your support we can get between 50 and 60 cans of food together over the week which will make a big difference in the lives of local families.
We look forward to your support, and thanks!

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