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Are you depriving yourself?

Recently I posted a photo on my Instagram page about changing the way we think about our nutrition.  It had to do with adjusting our thinking from one of deprivation to one of adding things into our diet.  I thought I would explain a little more deeply here.

It is often said that the most efficient way to make sure that the general public knows about something is for the government to ban it.  The same is true (if slightly stretching the comparison) about our nutrition.  If you want to ensure you have a craving for something, try thinking about not eating it for a while.

This is one of the problems with most diets - they focus on the removal of certain foods.  A few examples are - low carb, no sugar diet, low fat diets, no white bread/rice/pasta.  These all focus on removal of things that people would normally eat.  Which means of course that they are the things that are most on our minds when we are hungry.

There's not normally anything magical about these diets in how they are desi…