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Get rid of the scales, or at least put them in perspective

I hate scales.  Well I don't hate them, they do have their place.  I just hate it when they become the be all and end all of fitness results.

I understand why people put stock in the scales.  It's something that has been practiced over decades so it's a tough behaviour to change.  But I'm suggesting that we do.  Let's throw away the bathroom scales, or at least keep the weight in perspective.

When training a client who wants to lose fat I make sure that they don't weigh themselves daily, or sometimes even weekly.  Why?  Because weight is incredibly changeable.  It changes based on the time of day, how much water you have consumed, whether you've been to the bathroom recently, if you just ate, and a hundred other reasons.  It also needs to be said that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are putting on lean muscle, the scales could go up too.

I'm more interested in trends.  Yes I do weigh my clients, but I look at other numbers too. When I weigh them, I …

It's going to take time, so let's invest that time.

One common reason why people give up on their health/fitness plans soon after starting them is that they don't see results right away.  The difficult thing about getting fit or losing weight is that it takes time, and these days people want things and they want them now.

I am no different.  I hate having to wait for things - I despise waiting in line for service, waiting for delivery of parcels, waiting for people who are late, and many other things that I need to wait for.  But unfortunately you can't rush the human body.

Weight loss especially isa waiting game.  The best way I have heard fat loss explained is this: "you didn't gain all of the weight in a week, so do you think you will be able to lose it in a week?", and it is so true.  It takes time.

This is why I always advise clients to look at their health and fitness goals in terms of a lifestyle change rather than a "diet".  The word diet implies that it is temporary - a quick fix for a few weeks or…

How can exercise help mums?

I can see mums rolling their eyes at me already - and before I get lynched I am going to say that I understand how busy the life of a mum is.  I get it, it's hectic.  If you're anything like my wife you have a hundred priorities to take care of in a day, and right at the bottom of that list is doing something for yourself.  

The last thing you want to do is get a workout in.  A far more attractive option is to flop down on the couch and get a few minutes shut-eye or (heaven forbid) take some time for yourself and watch TV.  But what if I told you it could improve more than just your waistline?

What about reducing stress?  Taking care of kids is stressful, they have a hundred demands which, depending on their age they can't communicate outside a scream.  This is stressful.  Exercise can help reduce your stress levels.  It releases endorphins which can improve your mood and help you feel better.

Exercising regularly also causes an increase in energy levels.  This is something p…

Got health or fitness questions?

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