Make life easy - plan ahead

Life is busy, and it seems that it just keeps getting busier.  This can make focussing on eating healthy meals seem like a lot of hard work.  But there are things you can do to make it all a little easier on yourself.

One thing we do in our house is visit the farmer's market each Sunday.  For one thing, this greatly reduces our fruit and vegetable cost.  It also helps us buy produce that is in season, rather than paying high prices at a supermarket for goods that are imported or out of season.  

Having a regular trip planned like this means that there is nothing to think about - on Sunday, it is market day.  So we just get our produce bags and head out.  We usually buy the same items each week as we tend to cook a lot of the same meals which helps as well.  

My wife and I also have a shared shopping list App on our phones which allows both of us to add items that we need to get, which makes our supermarket trips efficient also.  It means that if one of us has time to nip down to the shops, we don't need to check what needs to be bought, as we always keep the list pretty much up to date.

Lastly, we always do some prep of the vegetables once we get home from the market.  This simply involves cutting up the vegetables into sizes that we will use during the week.  My wife likes to add celery to her snacks at work, so she cuts them into snack size lengths.  We usually get a cabbage also as I like to add this to stir-frys to bulk it out a bit.  So that gets cut into stir-fry size strips.

Doing this prep work before the week gets started encourages us to use the vegetables that we have bought - it removes one more step in the process of cooking/making lunches during the week. Making things easier is always a good thing, as life has enough hurdles without adding more.

So, there are just a few tips to help you eat healthier on a more regular basis.  No, they are not complex, or outside the box ways of doing things.  But often that is not what's needed, just get into a routine, do little things to make it easier, and you will be surprised how much healthier your eating can become.

Do you have any tips to make it easier to eat healthy meals?  I would love for you to send them through to me.


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