5 reasons you need a personal trainer...

Some people may not be aware of all the benefits that come with having a personal trainer.  They may also shy away from the rates that personal trainers charge (I'd like to think I am worth my hourly rate to be honest).  So here are 5 great reasons why you should hire a personal trainer.

Why you need a personal trainer
1: We keep you safe...

As a personal and group fitness trainer, I am a bit of a stickler for technique.  In fact, I am huge on it.  Great exercise technique not only makes exercises look good, but it keeps my clients safe as well.  There is nothing that scares me more than seeing people working out in a gym or local park and performing squats with knees caving in or push-ups with huge arches in their backs.  I can just see the injury potential.  To be honest, good technique is hard to judge for yourself, even if you are exercising in front of a mirror.  Having someone who can look at your technique from all angles is very useful, especially if you are not experienced in the gym.  Pay the money, avoid the injury risk.

2. We nag you, but in a good way...

Having someone nag you may sound like the last thing that you need, but it has its uses.  Trainers nag you to do stuff that you know you should do - stretch, foam roll, do your rehab exercises if you are working with a physio to recover from an injury.  Stuff like that.  We also make you do exercises that you don't necessarily want to do.  No, I don't mean burpees - I don't ask any of my clients to do them.  What I mean is we programme exercises that you might shy away from if you trained on your own because you think they may be boring, or too hard.  Stuff like working your hamstrings and back muscles even though you can't see them in a mirror, that type of thing.  Those things you should be doing, even though you don't really enjoy it.  We are just kind like that.

3. We keep you accountable...

I have lost count of how many times I have mentioned this in blog posts over the years.  But having accountability is very useful.  It makes us turn up to training sessions where we otherwise would have flagged for ridiculous reasons like forgetting your headphones or leaving your water bottle at home.  Having a trainer also means that there is someone who will celebrate even the smallest success with you, we are your cheerleader.  One of the best things about our job is seeing our clients succeed and reach their goals.  Seriously, we love that stuff!

4. We can help to reduce your pain...

No, we are not doctors or physiotherapists, and we can't offer you painkillers.  To be fair if a trainer ever did this, run, run for the hills!  But seriously, stretching, foam rolling, mobilisation drills and exercises, resistance training, all of these things can help take away those little aches and pains that tend to creep into our lives as we age.  I would take some stretching, mobilisation, and core strengthening work to remove lower back pain over having to take antiinflammatories any day.

5. We are cheaper than therapists...

Well actually, some trainers may not be, but I definitely am.  People lead stressful lives, and sometimes they need to vent.  And guess what - we are a captive audience, we are getting paid to listen!  Now I don't mean you should completely unload on your trainer every session and start telling deep and haunting secrets about your life on the first meeting, you may not have that particular trainer stick around very long, but it is common for people to vent to their trainer.  I pretty much expect it from clients, and that's OK.  Training can also help relieve stress built up over the week also.  Personally, I always find that I feel my stress levels have dropped after a workout, especially if it involves resistance training or boxing.  

So there you have it, 5 reasons to hire a personal trainer.  If you would like to sit down and chat with me about some other ways in which I may be able to help you, then get in touch with me through my website or use the online booking portal to book an initial consultation.  It would be great to hear from you.

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