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Incidental Exercise

We have all heard, I am sure, that we should get more exercise and that sitting at our desks or in front of the TV each day is killing us slowly.  Well, here are a few ways to get a little more exercise into your life without blocking out huge amounts of extra gym time.

1: Take the stairs

This is one which I am sure most people have been told, but just in case you haven't heard it, stop using the lift at work.  Take the stairs instead.  Even if you just start by taking the stairs when going down floors instead of jumping in the lift.  This will add a little extra exercise to your day.

2: Get off the bus

This one is a popular suggestion also.  Instead of getting the bus right to your door (work or home), try getting off the bus a few stops before your usual one and walking the last 500 metres or so.  It will add in a few more steps to your day and can also be a good way to unwind on the way home and shed the stress of work before walking through the door.

3: Use your weekends wisely