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Focus on the big rocks (weight loss edition)

I've tried to write this post a few times and haven't quite nailed it.  As such it hasn't been published, so I'm happy that I've finally managed to get it done.  I've written it to explain the basic 360 Degree Fitness philosophy and how I view training and fitness in general.

The philosophy revolves around 3 basic ideas - train well, eat well, recover well. If you can get these sorted you're on your way to reaching your fitness goals.  Often, however, people end up getting bogged down in the details before getting the basics right.

The plethora of information out there makes it hard to know what the basics even are.  So these are what I consider the basics to be - plain and simple.  For the basis of this post, I'm looking at weight loss as this is what I get asked about most often as a trainer.  If you have any other specific questions get in touch with me and I will answer them.

Firstly, nutrition.  Eat for your goal.  It really is (in theory) that simple…

Training and Man Flu

Lately I have had a bad case of man flu.  My darling wife thinks I've been overplaying my hand in this regard but I'm on antibiotics so I feel warranted in the pain and anguish I have been showing.  Apparently we will have to agree to disagree that I am really sick (but I think I won that battle).

What it has had an impact on though is my training.  It is pretty hard to get motivated to train when you have a pounding headache, fever, and aching muscles and bones.  Seeing as it is flu season I thought it was a good time to discuss some things to be aware of in terms of training and illness.

Firstly the ideal situation is to not get sick in the first place.  If you can get a free flu jab use it.  While you may feel slightly under the weather for a couple of days as a result, I can tell you it is better than the alternative that may have you feeling like death warmed up for a week or more.

Winter is also a good time to check that you are getting enough Vitamin C.  It is only in extr…

What I love about being a trainer

I have come into personal/group fitness training a little later in life than most having had part of a career elsewhere first.  It took me a while to get here but now that I am here, I firmly believe that I will always love training people.  Here are a few reasons why.

My client's successes feel like joint successesSetting goals with clients is a mainstay of training, it is something that you do on a regular basis.  Once the goal is set, it can be weeks or even years before the client gets to that goal (depending on how long-term a goal it is).  As such you get to see and help your clients through the ups and inevitable downs along the way.  So when a client reaches that goal it feels very much like you have both reached a goal - after all you have travelled the journey together even though the client has had the biggest burden to carry.

Every day is differentI used to work in an office where my daily routine changed very little.  Get in every morning, make coffee, log in to my comp…

What I've learned from getting injured...a lot

Injuries are pretty frustrating.  I can tell you from vast experience.  I have even been referred to by friends in the past as "Mr Glass" which gives you an idea of the number of mishaps I have had in my recent past.  But as well as being frustrating, they have also been learning experiences for me.  

Here are a few things I have learnt along the road to recovery. 

You can't make a better investment than a good physiotherapist The first thing that I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt is that you can't make a better investment (post-injury) than a good physiotherapist.  Once the damage has been done and the doctor has made their diagnosis, seek out a good physio.  
Physios can make sure that you get a proper rehabilitation plan that will get you up and about much sooner than just waiting for it to heal on its own.  Sure, there may be some pain in the sessions but a little discomfort now can prevent a lot of issues later.

Follow the plan Another thing I have learned …