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The Long Journey To A First Step

So I had a big moment this week in my recovery - my specialist has advised me that it is time to start weight bearing again.

This is a huge step in my recovery.  After having 6 weeks on crutches and being unable to do so much of what most people take for granted, it was a glorious sound hearing those words from the doctor.  

But it was a difficult process getting to this first step.  There was obviously the initial pain of the injury and getting over this, which took a combination of rest, medication, rest, putting up with a cast, and some more rest.  This was both fatiguing and frustrating as I wasn't able to train my clients, or myself a whole lot either. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank three groups of people.  Firstly, thanks to the group of people who have gone out of their way to look after my family and I.  Thanks to all of those who cooked meals, brought round groceries, dropped in to say hi and keep my spirits up, it has meant the world to me and to my family.…