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Why I Hired A Personal Trainer

It took me a while to finally accept it but this week I went and contacted a personal trainer to help me out with some motivation and to write me a program to suit my goals.

This may seem strange to some of you out there - a personal trainer who needs a personal trainer.  I can understand, as a trainer my job is to motivate and train others, so shouldn't I be able to do the same for myself?  I thought so too, but I was wrong...somewhat.

For years I was carrying more weight than is optimal for a person my age.  This was something that as a personal trainer I hated in myself - I felt hypocritical telling others how to improve their health and fitness while struggling with my own.  There came a turning point however that changed my habits for the better.

I got diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

You have no idea how much that (1) shocked me, and (2) gave me a kick up the butt to get some changes made in my life.  I have dropped a lot of weight since that phone call, however I have also had …

Perfect Gift For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Family...

We have gift vouchers available - contact David on or call on 021-257-9963 to arrange a customised gift voucher for your loved one.

The Rise of Massage In The Recovery From Exercise (Guest Blog Post)

This is a guest blog post by Tiffany Foskett - a massage therapist who has a wealth of experience in the industry and has worked with both athletes and the general population. For more details check her bio at the end of the post. _________________________________________________________________________
Deep tissue massage? Isn’t that just for elite athletes?
Why would I need to get one? I just do my hour work out and I’m done.
If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard these type of comments from people, I think I could’ve paid off my house by now! Though, in the 13 years that I’ve been a massage therapist, I’d have to say the last couple of years have seen more and more people change their perception towards deep tissue massage to the extent that many now make it part of their exercise routine. Whether it’s because there’s more education out there on the effects of massage, or because Tom down the road swears by his weekly massage keeping him injury free, I don’t know. But, whatever t…

Stop The Rot

I've been slacking over the past few weeks on my nutrition.  I realised it when I looked at my food tracking app on my phone.  Too many red lines - days where I ate more calories than I should have.  My habits had slipped backwards and some old habits are surfacing again.

But it didn't happen overnight.  It happened over the course of a few weeks - a meal here, a meal there, an extra coffee or a treat I knew didn't really needed.  It started to creep in without me even really noticing it.

My point is that sometimes the change in our eating doesn't come as a result of a catastrophic binge one weekend.  It can happen in a very gradual way.  What we need to do is notice when it is happening and take action when it does.

I often tell people to keep a food diary when they first start training with me.  I don't tell them this necessarily to make them count calories or check their nutrient levels.  I do it to promote mindfulness in their eating.

When we become mindful of our …

Great Outcome For Kiwi Community Assistance Can Drive

We had a great outcome from our can drive for Kiwi Community Assistance.  The majority of our clients donated food to the can drive and we ended up with over 60 cans of food.

This was donated to KCA who will use the food to feed needy families in the Wellington region.

We are looking to make this a regular event in our yearly calendar so watch this space for the next opportunity to get behind this great cause!