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How to fit your workout into your busy life

The most common reason people give as to why they don’t exercise is that they don’t have time.
I can understand, people have busy lives. Between work, friends, family and hobbies it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day to get to the gym. Here are a few ways to help you find time to get your workout in.
Workout early in the day By getting in a workout first thing in the morning, you have less time for life to get in the way. There may be completely legitimate reasons for not being able to exercise like you forgot to take your gym gear to work, or your boss needs you to stay late to finish a project. By working out before life has a chance to derail your exercise pans you ensure that you have ticked that box for the day and can focus on whatever else life has to throw at you.
Break up your workoutWorkouts can take a long time - I get it. My workouts can take 90 minutes or more sometimes. This is especially true if you are training for a specific event such as a half marathon …