What health and fitness apps are on my phone?

With the age of the smartphone in full swing, I thought that I'd use today's blog post to share with you the apps that I have on my phone.  Throughout the years these have changed as I have found better and more useful apps.  But the ones I have on my phone at the moment have been there for a while so they're solid, reliable, and useful.  Here they are.

Firstly, we have an interval timer.  This one's pretty self- explanatory - it's a timer I use for my interval training workouts.  Well both mine and my clients, so I guess it's doubly useful for me.  The great thing about this timer is that it's very programmable.  You can change the work and rest times very easily, but it also has a warm-up timer before the workout begins.  You can save the various workouts in an easy to access dropdown menu so you can quickly change between timing protocols which is useful when you have back to back sessions and need to quickly access a different timer setting.  I would definitely recommend this app if you're an interval training fan.

Next is an old classic.  MapMyRun.  This app is great if you're training for any sort of endurance running/walking event.  Or want to map out running routes for specific distances.  I used it to train for my Outward Bound course which culminated in a 13km run.  If you are a runner or a walker, it is worth getting.

The final app on the top row is ManageMyHealth.  If you haven't seen this app it's great.  
To be able to use it your GP practice has to be a member, but it makes working with your doctor very easy.  It has many different options but I use it primarily for repeat prescriptions, booking appointments online to see my doctor or a practice nurse, and emailing my doctor with a question rather than having to book an appointment.  If your practice has this option I would recommend getting signed up, it makes life a lot easier.

The bottom left-hand app is EasyDietDiary.  This is the app that I use to track my food and drinks.  It's very similar to MyFitnessPal, but I find that it has more New Zealand and Australian foods and is very accurate with calorie measurements when compared to the nutrition information on food packaging.  As with all food diary apps, it takes a little while to add in all of your regular food choices, but once that's done it makes life very easy.  If you are into tracking your food, this is the app I recommend to all of my clients.

The final app is Garmin Connect.  This one is the app that connects to my Garmin Watch.  I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 and this connects well with the app.  It tracks many different activities and health statistics and makes it really easy to track my progress.  It also gives you interesting stats if you're competitive like me, such as where you compare to the rest of Garin Connect users for weekly step counts, running kilometres and more.  Very useful indeed.

So there are the apps that I use to help me keep track of my health and fitness and make life easier in general.  I definitely recommend all of these and suggest that if you are looking for an app to do any of the things I have mentioned, then you can't go too far wrong with the ones I use.

What fitness apps do you use?  Let me know through my website, I would love to see if I am missing any important apps from my list!


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