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How rupturing my Achilles the first time was actually useful...

So in February this year I suffered a complete rupture of my Achilles Tendon while doing some sparring with some friends.  This was one of the most painful injuries and frustrating rehabilitation protocols I have had to go through (and I've been through a few!).  But it came with a silver lining.

In my first Krav Maga training session back after being cleared by my hospital physio, I took a step back and pop, it ruptured again.  While the re-injury was very frustrating - in fact it is possibly the most upset over an injury I have ever been - having been through it once before has taught me a few things.
The first thing I learned was that I am able to ask for what I want in terms of a cast, in some aspects at least.  When you rupture your Achilles Tendon you are put in what is known as an equinous cast.  This basically sets your cast in a position with your toes pointing down to bring the two ends of the tendon as close as possible.
While I could not change the position of my foot, th…

Are you doing dry July?

As we kick off the month of July, there may be a few of you who are considering doing dry July and giving up alcohol for the month.

I thought I would put together some thoughts on why you might want to consider reducing your alcohol intake a little for more than just a month.  

First I Want to say that I am in no way suggesting that you give up alcohol altogether, just reduce your intake a little bit.

One part of alcohol that doesn't get talked about a whole lot is the calories that you are drinking with each glass.  Obviously there are drinks that are better than others in this area.  Here are some examples: a 330ml bottle of beer has around 130 calories, so if you had 3 beers after work last Friday that's 390 calories added to your weekly calorie intake.  A glass of wine has between 120-180 calories depending on what type (red, white, sparkling etc.).  So those three wines on Friday night just set you back up to 540 calories.

The British National Health Service advises that we c…