Feeling too lazy to train? That's exactly when you should...

The last few months have been hectic for me.  We've bought our first home which has been stressful (albeit very satisfying).  This meant moving house which added to that stress.  I also picked up a bunch of new clients at the same time as well as renovating and setting up the gym at the new house.  Don't get me wrong, these are all good things.  It has just meant that has been a very busy few months for me.

But with that busy period has also come a drop in my motivation to get my own training sessions done.  Finding the motivation to work out after working a 12-14 hour day where I am on my feet for most of it, encouraging other people to get fit sometimes leaves me lacking the enthusiasm required to motivate myself.  But one thing has propelled me off the couch and into the gym.  The thought that if I only trained when I felt good then I would never achieve the results that I'm after.

Training when you're feeling motivated, fresh, physically awesome, strong, that's the easy bit.  These are the workouts where you turn up at the gym or hit the street and the session just seems to fly by, sometimes you even end up doing extra work because you just get into the groove of things.

But it's the other times that really count.  Those workouts which feel like you are just phoning it in, the ones where you just do the bare minimum or do your best but it still feels like rubbish.  Those are the workouts that really add up towards achieving your goals.

They can suck...big time, but they matter.  Because they are the ones that not everyone turns up and completes.  They are the ones that could easily fall by the wayside if you don't push yourself to do them.  They are the ones which I am most proud of my clients (and myself) for getting done.  Because they're the hardest.

If you want the results you need to get the workouts done. It's that simple.  So instead of patting yourself on the back when you fly through a workout and getting down on yourself when you didn't absolutely crush it, try reframing the narrative a little.  Congratulate yourself for not giving in and staying on the couch.  Celebrate the small win that just grinding through a tough session actually is.  Because every small step you take towards your goal should be celebrated.  After all, it is one less step you need to take tomorrow.  

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