Stop being results focused!

These days there's an overwhelming pressure to be results focussed.  It can relate to your job, to the sports team you follow, to your schoolwork or university study.  Whatever the situation, it seems that results are all that matters sometimes.  Well, I'm going to say something that may shock you, but when it comes to fitness, don't focus on your results.

That's right, I said it.  Don't focus on the results.

Instead, focus on the process.  

If you focus on the outcome measures, you can easily get discouraged if the results you are expecting don't come as soon as you want them to.  However, if you focus on what you can control - the process, then you can identify the progress you are making, no matter how small.  

Think about it, if your goal is to reduce your body fat and you work really hard for a couple of weeks, but you jump on the scales and there is no change how would you feel?

What about if you adjusted your measure of success.  How about if you aimed to just get to the gym 4 times per week and you manage to do that.  The weight on the scales might not change straight away but you have achieved the goal you set for yourself.  

Getting these small wins not only feels good, but it keeps you motivated along the way.  Once you have got the regularity in place, then you can set a further process goal such as working to a certain exertion level each time you train.  

If you have a good program that you are working through in the gym and eating the right foods, the changes will show up in your body.  You just need to keep putting in the work.  

I tell my clients often to trust the process.  Keep working the plan and the results will come.  


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