It's time to put the gloves on again...

It's been a while since I have written a post about my Achilles tendon rupture rehab so I thought I would bash out a few quick words on where things are at in my recovery.

For the last month or so I have been able to walk around in normal shoes again, which for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of rupturing their Achilles is quite a milestone!  Having your toes pointed at the floor for 3 months or so has definitely been a bit of a pain, its amazing how a simple change in the way you hold your foot can cause a whole lot of other issues.

As a result of the normal shoes, my back, hip and knee pain have vanished almost instantly - a pretty clear sign that they were having to compensate for the change in my gait pattern.  Really just confirming what I already thought was the case.  But good to know that it wasn't anything more serious.

Something that I hadn't really thought too much about (but should have really) was the loss in my balance, especially the loss in balance on both legs.  Usually it is just the injured side that has issues, but with the adjusted walking pattern, I think both sides of me are having to learn how to balance again in normal shoes/bare feet.

This weeks trip to the physio involved some new balance exercises including balancing on one leg and trying to move the other to all points of the compass (forward, back, right, and left) which seems easy, but when you have to take your moving leg behind your standing leg with a still recovering Achilles it gets interesting, I can tell you that!  I also got to do some light running on a rebounder - you know those mini trampolines that were big in the late 80's for exercise classes.  I didn't know they were still around, but it made running easy as it took all of the impact out of the process.  It felt great to be moving like that again, even if running for 2 minutes tired my Achilles out!  A good sign that the rehab journey has a long way to go yet, but baby steps in the right direction are still progress.

One piece of awesome news that I got this week is that I am allowed to get back into some light boxing training - no Krav Maga yet - too much movement through the ankle, but light boxing is a good start.  

It has been 4 months since I had gloves on, and the last time I did have them on I ended up rolling around on the floor with a gap between two halves of my Achilles, so I am a little nervous to be honest.  I don't think that anything bad will happen and I will be taking things extremely cautiously (I promised my physio I wouldn't do anything "stupid"), but even so, it will be a strange feeling hitting some pads again.

But it is a step in the right direction, and a big milestone for me. So fingers crossed it is onwards and upwards from here.   


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