Why it's important to reset

Over Easter weekend, I went on a little trip away.  Two school mates and I went on a fishing trip to the far north of the North Island.  It was great.  We did a lot of driving, camped a lot, fished a lot, did a lot of catching up, and made fun of each other a lot.  What guys tend to do when they catch up after a long period of not seeing each other much.

More importantly for me though, it was great to just get away from the city.  For the most part, we were in areas where our mobile phone coverage was iffy at best.  It meant that there was no point in having our phones with us so, for the most part, they stayed in the vehicle.  And I enjoyed the change.  I heard someone say recently that we are so connected that we are disconnected these days, and I thought that that made a lot of sense.

Take time to reset your mindAnother thing I enjoyed about the weekend was getting out into nature.  I make no secret of the fact that I am a city boy.  Born and raised in the suburbs of Wellington, nature hasn't always been my go-to way to relax, but that is where fishing has changed things a bit for me.  Fishing has taken me to some spectacular places around the country that I wouldn't have normally seen.  Whether in a boat or on land, you get to see some awesome views and wildlife that you just don't get to be a part of when you are sitting on the couch.  It takes you places where there are fewer people, where the world is less hectic, where the little everyday dramas don't really seem to matter as much.

This was perhaps the best part of the trip for me.  The mental space that going away on a trip like this one gives me.  It is almost like having that space from people and technology and "busy-ness" allows me to reset my mind.  Fishing involves long periods of time watching a rod and waiting for a bite - especially land-based fishing.  This gives my mind time to wander, to explore thoughts that would, most of the time, get a fleeting moment in my consciousness and then float off into the ether.

Maybe I am overplaying the power of this sort of trip, and for most people, it might seem like a unique form of torture, but for me, a trip like this is invaluable.  It is my way to hit the reset button.  In a world which seems to prize being busy over being productive, it is important to reset your mind and see the things which are really important.  This is my way to do it.  What's yours?

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